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February 4th-11th, 2018



Introduction to hiking with your dog (by REI)

Rattlesnake tips from Veterinarian Shea Cox, DVM

County of San Diego "Find A Park" Website

San Diego Meetup group for dog-friendly hikes (lead by Shannon)

Follow along on our Instagram Account (@hike.sandiego) through IG Stories as our partners show us how they like to hike with their dogs on some of San Diego's dog-friendly trails. We hope you pick up some amazing tips and tricks, and become inspired to hike with your dogs while being prepared and informed.  

Meet our partners!

Maggie + Orbit (Hannah) - @maggielovesorbit

Maggie was born May 21, 2015:  Quirky, goofy and very very smart.  We brought her home when she was 8 weeks.  Quick to learn but on the opposite of that … can sometimes blow you off when she decides to do her own thing like follow her nose at the park.

Orbit was born January 29, 2016: Confident, sweet and endearing.  She was 14 weeks by the time she came home.  Between the two she’s the more mellow pup, loves to play with her sister Maggie and would take belly rubs from you all day.

Both Maggie and Orbit are Boston Terrier dogs

Hiro (Thuy) - @iamasuperhiro

Hiro is a 2-year old rescue Shiba Inu living the SoCal life. He loves outdoor fun, including hiking and camping.

Cappie Bear (Shannon) - @dogfriendlysocal

Cappie Bear is a vizsla who carries the nickname of a velcro dog! Cappie was born on March 14, 2017 and has tons of energy. Cappie likes to follow mom around the house until she gets the hint to grab the leash and go outdoors!

Bum, San Diego's One & Only Town Dog

To help celebrate the week, we also made an alternate logo for Hike San Diego, featuring San Diego’s first ever town dog.

Did you know: San Diego had an official town dog? His name was Bum, a St. Bernard-Spaniel mix. He came to San Diego in 1886 and was quickly adorned and adopted by the city’s residents as an ambassador for our burgeoning city. According to the San Diego History Center, Bum lived in New Town (present-day downtown), the city center teeming with restaurants and saloons. Bum was often given beer to drink instead of water, and in his drunken state, often picked fights with other dogs including one that resulted in the loss of his front right paw, when he and the dog rolled in front of a train.

A statue of Bum can be found at the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation pocket park in the Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego (410 Island Ave. San Diego, CA).

Week Recap

Sunday - February 4th
Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve: 
Trail maps:

Monday - February 5th
Mother Miguel Mountain (By Sara with HikingSDCounty):

Tuesday - February 6th
Oakoasis County Preserve:

Wednesday - February 7th ***Maggie & Orbit Account Takeover***
Fiesta Island/Mission Bay:

Thursday - February 8th
Los Pensaquitos Canyon Preserve:

Friday - February 9th
Garnet Peak in Laguna Mountains:

Saturday - February 10th *** Hiro Account Takeover***
Santa Margarita River: